Learn How to Really Smash the ‘Snooze Button’

A cute short visual novel. That’s the best way to describe Snooze Button by illustrator Waveoftheocean

Published on Thursday, June 13, Snooze Button is a work-in-progress visual novel that shows the life of a student at the start of a weekend break.

It’s Friday night and you have two projects due on Monday, what are you going to do as a professional procrastinator? Be responsible and get a move on the work? Perhaps…

Friday night after school.

Snooze Button has been developed by experienced illustrator Waveoftheocean with the intent to show the lives of all students who have had to pull infamous all-nighters, drink a few too many caffeinated beverages, and (worst of all) stress over all those assignments that are due in the morning. 

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In Snooze Button the player will have to manage their procrastination, sleep, workload, caffeine, and stress meters in order to get through the weekend, maximize leisure, and maybe… just maybe, scrape together those assignments due on Monday.  

With constant teasing dialogue included.

The developer has been active in responding to technical issues and inquiries. They’ve expressed that currently in the works, alongside the story, are new characters and music and sound effects. Currently only available through and on Mac and Windows with a Linux version coming with the full release. 

And just remember, sleep is still good for somethings. Time to get working. 

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