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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review: Delivering A Ton of Fun in a Small Package

Sometimes, it’s fun to just kick back with a game and not take it too seriously. Listed as a physics-based sandbox game, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is filled with charm and surprise.

The team responsible for this wacky adventure is We’re Five Games, most well known for their work on Morphite back in 2017. Morphite is a space exploration adventure game that was reviewed poorly upon its release due mostly to inconsistent battle and control mechanics. But it seems We’re Five Games took the lessons they learned from Morphite, and created something entirely new. Totally Reliable Delivery Service was published by tinyBuild, who also published games like Pandemic Express, the Party Hard series and Hello Neighbor.

I went into this game expecting it to be cute, quirky, and above all, fun. And that’s what I got. While the controls of the ragdoll delivery person take some getting used to, the colorful surroundings and funky music keep you engaged. On top of this, the wide variety of vehicles that you quickly gain access to varies the gameplay quite a bit, from trucks to boats to aircraft and more.

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The world of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is very large, with so many areas to explore. This adds variety to the gameplay and leads to a desire to simply explore and take in the scenery. The map varies greatly with mountainous areas covered in snow, cityscapes with tall buildings, and sandy beachside regions to name a few. The objective of the game is to make deliveries, but I’m sure your clients won’t mind waiting while you drive around and try not to hit objects, vehicles, and maybe even pedestrians.

What’s surprising in this game is uncovering hidden secrets. I jumped in my seat many times while playing this game. There were things that happened in the world that I didn’t expect. Handling explosive material incorrectly, for example, might result in an explosion, sending your character flying up and landing a block or more away. You may run into an exploding manhole cover, or freefall from an airplane. These mechanics keep you on your toes and can generate some serious laughter. 

The game is made even better in co-op mode. There is support for local and also online multiplayer. This game reminds me of the fun I’ve had playing the Overcooked series. There is something to be said about sharing the noodle ridiculous nature of this game with a friend.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service was released on April 1 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android. 

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