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‘A Fake Game,’ Puzzling You Till The End

This article contains spoilers to the demo version of A Fake Game.

A Fake Game was published on on March 25, 2020, by A Fake Studio. This is their first project and I just have to say; well done. Even though it’s a work in progress, I can’t wait for more.

It grabbed my attention immediately the moment I saw its page. With amazing looking graphics and a sense of mystery. Just from the early stages of the demo, I could tell this was going to be good and I was not mistaken.

You are a character with a lamp as a head; maybe you have some bright ideas. That was my terrible joke for the month.

This game’s main POV is third-person but changes to a fixed position for dialogue. From the first few levels I played, it was a pretty simple concept. Match the blue block to the blue tile. When you got deeper into the game puzzles got a lot harder. This game is a puzzle driven story-based game.

You find yourself in a forest not knowing how you got there, you just know you need to find a way out. 

You meet this mysterious Plague Doctor being the only person or thing you have seen around. Asking for help would be a great idea you would think, but of course, the developers think otherwise. 

To get out of this maze of a forest you need to solve puzzles. This doesn’t sound too hard on the first level until they immediately throw you into the deep end. Going from just matching colors to figuring out how to make blocks pop out of thin air. 

The worst part for me was when I got past all the previous levels thinking I was a genius, up until I reached one particular level. It looked simple enough, just match a red block with a red square. I thought it was odd that they gave me three blocks just for one square. And, like the idiot I am, I thought maybe it’s just for decoration. Of course, I was 

I needed to bring each block to the square to be told it was the wrong block over and over, just so the developers can have a bigger laugh and say you don’t need the blocks; they, in the end, can open the gate for you. Just from this level, I learned that everything around can help you and the level might seem easy but, in this game, everything is one level higher than you.

I honestly enjoyed the comedy. It’s the kind of funny that doesn’t resort to dad jokes. Half of the time I was thinking that I was being dumb with these puzzles, or that I was getting trolled. 

Here’s my advice if you play any of A Fake Studios games. They might make you feel like this is a safe game with no trolling but trust me, they are going to troll the hell out of you.

A Fake Studio is a small two-person team based in Chile who previously working on animation, 3D modeling and some mods for video games. Leaving college for different reasons the great duo decided they wanted to pursue their dream. Which is to make an independent game.

A new company with some AAA ideas. Let’s just hope their future does well and they have more amazing games to come. Please take some time to go look at this amazing piece and give them some feedback and, if you do enjoy it, consider donating to their cause to help them further along with their project.

This is a demo version of the game and not the final product. 

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