IndieCade Awards Rain Praise on Innovative Developers

The IndieCade festival in Santa Monica just wrapped up this past weekend. It was yet another spectacular event that put a spotlight on some of the most innovative games that went under the radar this year. Here is a list of all the big winners at this year’s festival.

And the winners are…

IndieCade Grand Jury Award – Bluebeard’s Bride

IndieCade Jury Prix Award – Kleptocrat

Impact Award – The Game: The Game

Innovation in Interaction Design Award – TendAR

Innovation in Experience Design Award – Asta Grande

Innovation in Aesthetics Design Award – Nishan Shaman

IndieCade Choice Award – One Hand Clapping

IndieCade Developers Choice Award – BlindFold

iThrive Find the Kind Prize – I WAS HERE

Game Changer Award – Kate Edwards

Bernie De Koven Big Fun Award – Douglas Wilson

Other Activities

IndieCade also has plenty of other attractions for patrons to enjoy. There is a massive hall with countless game stations where anyone is allowed to go play current and upcoming independent titles. It’s a great place to play some favorites as well as discover new games that may have slipped by. Alongside the main attraction IndieCade also host numerous panel. These provide developers with a platform to speak about how they go about making some of these small budget darlings. Attendees can take this time to either visit panels to provide them with insight into how to make their own independent games or just have a nice intimate chat with some of their favorite developers. The festival is also a great place for people to interact with a welcoming community. It is not rare to see card game being played by complete strangers in the hallway. It is a gathering of arguably one of the best gaming communities in the scene today

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This year’s IndieCade may have just passed but the fun starts all over again in October 2019. Be sure to visit their website for ticket info and prices. All of the above winners and more can be found on the IndieCade Wiki.

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