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‘Flinthook,’ ‘Mercenary Kings Reloaded’ Artist Announces New Game on Kickstarter

The Montreal-based developer, Canari Games, has announced their first title on Kickstarter, Lunark.

The upcoming 2D cinematic platformer launched with a goal of $52,430. Currently, there is an estimated release window of April 2020. The platforms that have been announced are PC/Mac, with the possibility of more platforms to be announced at a later date.

Backers who pay $13 will receive a digital copy of the game for PC/Mac or the platform of their choice, while those willing to give more will receive the opportunity to be designed as a non-playable NPC or to design one of the many flying vehicles in the background of the game.

Utilizing chiptune music and 16-bit graphics, Lunark is a tribute to classic ’80s and ’90s narrative platformers such as Prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback.


Centuries after the demise of earth, civilization has moved to the moon, now known as Lunark. During a rebellion against the totalitarian regime of Lunark, the player will control Leo, an orphan trying to discover where they came from. On this journey, Leo will meet a variety of characters on both sides of the conflict.

On top of have a polished look to the pixel art, Lunark is keeping to the authenticity of the games it emulates by using the technique of rotoscoping for cutscenes. This allows Canari games to trace over live action footage to create a sense of realism.

Johan Vinet is the sole developer at Canari Games and has experience with music and art on successful games such as Mercenary Kings Reloaded, Flinthook, and Shovel Knight Showdown.

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