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Depanneur Nocturne: Finding the Perfect Gift

Today’s Wholesome Direct Indie Game Showcase was all about presenting the cutest and coziest indie games on offer. Over 50 games were on show from various indie developers. One of the games covered was Depanneur Nocturne which releases today on Steam and

Depanneur Nocturne is a game about finding a gift for your girlfriend late one night. Quite fortunately, you find a convenience store still open. The store is managed by a woman with an unusual inventory. Players are tasked with digging around to find the perfect gift. Depanneur Nocturne is set in Montréal and, quite fittingly considering its setting, offers English and French as language options. The game is short and is intended to be completed in one sitting. 

Depanneur Nocturne screenshot
The outside of a department store on a rainy night.

Depanneur Nocturne is developed by KO_OP, an artist-run indie studio which has also produced Lara Croft GO: The Mirror of Spirits and Skipping Stones. Additionally, during the Wholesome Direct stream, KO_OP also showcased Winding Worlds, a puzzle-adventure game available on Apple Arcade. Winding Worlds features a protagonist named Willow who is hired by a cosmic Wurm to help her friends heal and move on.

As was explained during the Wholesome Direct stream, Depanneur Nocturne is part of the in-house initiative KO_OP mini which is focused on allowing developers to be creative without the constraints that typically accompany a large production.

Much of Depanneur Nocturne‘s charm lies with its ability to recreate a specific but all too familiar atmosphere. The visuals showcased in the trailer suggest that the game captures all the coziness and unique ambiance of a rainy night. The accompanying soundtrack is exactly what you would expect to hear playing in the background of a lonely department store. Depanneur Nocturne seems like the perfect way to spend a night in and get lost in a lighthearted story. 

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