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#LoveIndies Ups the Ante This 2020

Indie developer Failbetter Games, known for the likes of Sunless Sea, will be kicking off the third annual online #LoveIndies celebration. Starting on the first of June, #LoveIndies invites developers, players, influencers, and the media to showcase their love and support of indie gaming and the indie gaming community.

For the 12-day event (ending on June 12th), all in the indie gaming community will be asked to give it back by promoting indie games, leaving reviews, developers interacting with fans, fans interacting with developers, etc. 

#LoveIndies 2020 is a community campaign, celebrating indie games, indie developers and their communities.

Starting initially in 2018 as a week-long event, #LoveIndies is now entering its third year and has been expanded as a full 12-day event. This year the event will be including daily social media challenges (use #LoveIndies), and a #LoveIndies Review Hour challenge where the community will be challenged to write as many reviews as possible in an hour. 

#LoveIndies has created a full list of ways for all in the community to participate. 

If there has ever been a time a fan loved a game, yet didn’t leave a review, they will be prompted to make those overdue reviews. Fans will also be asked to participate in the social media challenges and the #LoveIndies Review Hour.

Developers can request the #LoveIndies pin badge pack, record the number of reviews for their games before and after the event, connect with streamers, spread the word, and give it back to the community by showcases other developers games or creating game content for the event. 

Follow Along, use the hashtag!

Influencers are asked to try to record and stream indie games as much as possible during the event and to ask their following to also support. 

#LoveIndies certainly had a humble beginning, however now it’s turned into a full movement. With the current world Epidemic, just know that this event is fully online, and it is all for the love of gaming. There is even a full preparation guide for this year that contains more detail and links and emails to contact the team behind it. 

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