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‘Bob & Prickle,’ a Furious 2D Side-Scroller With a Talking Cactus

Bob & Prickle is a fast-paced 2D platformer shooter from Istanbul-based developer Crealode Games. Set in a cyberpunk style city called Lightbul, you play as Bob, an unlikely hero thrust into an unknown situation, and Prickle, a wise-cracking, cactus assistant (yes, really). Their aim is simple, to stop an evil corporation from taking over their city for, well, reasons unknown. But we’re pretty sure it’s something sinister.

This slick, cartoon style adventure will see you traverse worlds with ease, thanks to your trusty jetpack, firing endless amounts of rounds at the soldiers under the corporation’s employ. Pistols, shotguns and rifles are just some of the weapons in the duos’ arsenal, with a gatling gun being hinted at within character concept art. So no need to fret gun enthusiasts, your demands will be met. Shooting enemies looks oh so satisfying too, with each hit displaying a pop-up text bubble. Think 1960’s Batman but with guns, but unfortunately no Adam West.

Bob & Prickle
Photo via Reddit user u/sedgame

Developer Crealode Games have not been around for too long, established in mid-2018, the two-man team has already showcased their talent with the various clips and character concept art since the game’s inception. Promising a well-written story and addictive shooting mechanics, we can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

While the finer details of this game are still under wraps, due to it still being under development, what we have seen already should be enough to garner some hype. A release date has been slated for the first quarter of 2020, which means we will be seeing more snippets of Bob & Prickle in the meantime. This will be releasing on PC only, but does look like it could be an excellent addition to the Switch library one day.

Check out the trailer below to see more of Bob & Prickle and keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be updating you on this one as soon as anything new comes in!

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