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Corpse Party Review: You’re Invited

Brandon Lyttle
In this review, Corpse Party will be used to refer to the Steam version released on April 25, 2016. Unless explicitly referring to the original 1996 game.   Corpse Party on the PC, which is also called Corpse Party: BloodCovered to distinguish it from the original 1996 game is a puzzle......

Freedom Planet Hits the Nintendo Switch on August 30

Brandon Lyttle
Announced at E3 just this year, the Nintendo Switch port of Freedom Planet had been given an official release date of August 30 by publisher XSEED Games. Freedom Planet will be out on Nintendo Switch August 30th! You can pre-purchase the game today on the eShop for $14.99! https://t.co/7QBpWC3FHe pic.twitter.com/KZjAjN8JZg......