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‘Daymare: 1998’ Survives Gamescom To Announce a Release Date

Trevor Poole
Daymare: 1998 wants to be the game of your nightdreams (or I assume it does.) And while the game took many years of development where it originally started as a remake of Resident Evil 2 — which got its own amazing remake this year — it seems we are finally going to......
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Interview with Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive, the Developers of ‘Founders Fortune’

Ethan Ruppersburg
At Indie Ranger, we recently reviewed Founders’ Fortune. We wanted to ask the developers about how their game has gone with the Steam release and what they plan for the future. Why did you decide to make Founders’ Fortune? The story of Founders’ Fortune goes back to one of Ponzel’s......
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Enter an Art Deco Nightmare in ‘Dollhouse’

Colton Butler
Like its antagonistic mannequins, Dollhouse is not what it first seems. Gameplay initially felt like a tutorial for what multiplayer mode, but quickly became a unique spin on the “collect things while a monster chases you” subgenre of horror. With a retro setting and gorgeous art design, Dollhouse is a......

The Long Dark Is A True Survival Game Through And Through

Mark Filipov
Over the years, there seems to have been a shift in what a survival game is. Not horror-survival or any other subcategory of survival, but rather a true survival game. These types of games used to be about — you guessed it — survival. Food, water, and shelter were your top priorities, and they......
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Daemonical Review: The Devil’s In The Details

Brandon Lyttle
A dark forest, scattered objectives and a bloodthirsty killer; this is the tried and true formula for most horror games. Daemonical takes the typical method and tries its best to make a fun multiplayer experience out of it. Players assume the role as one of five survivors with only two......
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WWII simulator ‘Bomber Crew’ coming to consoles on July 10

Travis LeFevre
Fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright, locked position, because Runner Duck Games, a Brighton-based two-man team, alongside award-winning publisher Curve Digital announced today that Bomber Crew is will be landing on consoles on July 10. In Bomber Crew players must recruit, train and upgrade their......
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‘Subnautica’ on sale for World Oceans Day

Travis LeFevre
Independent development team Unknown Worlds Entertainment has announced that their hugely popular underwater game Subnautica will be going on sale until June 11 in an effort to raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. During this time, Subnautica will be available on Steam at a 20 percent discount and......