PC PS4 Reviews

Enter an Art Deco Nightmare in ‘Dollhouse’

Colton Butler
Like its antagonistic mannequins, Dollhouse is not what it first seems. Gameplay initially felt like a tutorial for what multiplayer mode, but quickly became a unique spin on the “collect things while a monster chases you” subgenre of horror. With a retro setting and gorgeous art design, Dollhouse is a......

Why Technology Isn’t Making My Generation Antisocial. Quite The Opposite

Travis LeFevre
I guess you could say that I have somewhat of an obsession with video games. I’ve had prior gaming experience with the legendary combination of my Gameboy Color and Pokemon: Yellow Version. However, it wasn’t until I snuck behind my mom’s back and played Halo 3 on my brother’s Xbox......

New Game “Soviet Shopkeeper” Announced

Travis LeFevre
A new developer, Agile Waterfall Entertainment, has announced their debut game, Soviet Shopkeeper via Twitter. Taking up the role of a 1980s shopkeeper in the fictional Bolsha, you will distribute goods and barter trade with the citizens you regularly mingle with. You must make sure your families future is secured, given......