Sony Announces PlayStation Indies Initiative

On the 01st of July 2020, Sony announced the PlayStation Indies initiative which seeks to shine a spotlight on PlayStation indie games and introduce gamers to titles that might have been overshadowed by larger games. The goal, says Shuhei Yoshida, is to “make PlayStation the best place to develop, find,......
PC PS4 Reviews

Enter an Art Deco Nightmare in ‘Dollhouse’

Colton Butler
Like its antagonistic mannequins, Dollhouse is not what it first seems. Gameplay initially felt like a tutorial for what multiplayer mode, but quickly became a unique spin on the “collect things while a monster chases you” subgenre of horror. With a retro setting and gorgeous art design, Dollhouse is a......

Why Technology Isn’t Making My Generation Antisocial. Quite The Opposite

Travis LeFevre
I guess you could say that I have somewhat of an obsession with video games. I’ve had prior gaming experience with the legendary combination of my Gameboy Color and Pokemon: Yellow Version. However, it wasn’t until I snuck behind my mom’s back and played Halo 3 on my brother’s Xbox......

New Game “Soviet Shopkeeper” Announced

Travis LeFevre
A new developer, Agile Waterfall Entertainment, has announced their debut game, Soviet Shopkeeper via Twitter. Taking up the role of a 1980s shopkeeper in the fictional Bolsha, you will distribute goods and barter trade with the citizens you regularly mingle with. You must make sure your families future is secured, given......
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