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Interview with Adam Pype, lead developer of ‘No Players Online’

Buster Allen
Today I sit down with the lead developer of ‘Papercookies’ and creator of ‘No Players Online‘ Adam Pype, and ask a couple of questions So Adam I wanted to start off by asking if you could tell us a little bit more about “Papercookie” and what your company does? ‘Papercookies’......
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Scarlett’s Dungeon Review: A Slash and Dash Dungeon Game

Travis LeFevre
It’s not too often that you run into a well-done tribute piece. Scarlett’s Dungeon is by no means perfect, however, it has enough to keep you entertained for a brief period. You, a ten-year-old girl named Scarlett, must save the villagers of Palette Town from the ruthless God Lord of......