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The 10 Best Indie Games For The Switch, So Far

Anthony Frisina
The Switch is Nintendo's latest incarnation in the home console market and by far a commercial success. Its use of touch screen technology, innovative handheld, and console design, and a plethora of great first-party titles have proven the house that Mario built is still a force to be reckoned with in the current console...
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10 Mobile Games to Play Instead of Mafia City

Xander Ewing
Mobile gaming is widely dismissed by most gamers. Despite having the largest audience, mobile games tend to have much less effort, time, and money put into them than most games on PC and consoles. Mobile games have garnered the reputation of being cheap, riddled with ads, and pay-to-win. While none...
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Nine Books That Would Make Awesome Indie Game Worlds

The Indie Ranger Team
When it comes to video games and books, a general misconception is that they go together like water and oil. However, books, novels, novellas, etc., have been used time and time again as source material or inspiration for a ton of great games like the Metro series, Witcher franchise and......
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