Ghost Face Officially Released For ‘Dead By Daylight’

Trevor Poole
Ghost Face (popularized by the Scream franchise) is here, and he looks to be a killer that might be as equally frightening as the great Michael Myers before him. Oddly enough, this Ghost Face isn't licensed from the movies, but rather from the creator of the mask itself....
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‘Fall of Light: Darkest Edition’ Falls Far From the Top

Trevor Poole
While Dark Souls has become a bit of a dirty word in games journalism due to some tending to use it far too much to describe or compare a game, it is the only one comparison to bring Fall of Light (developed by RuneHeads) too. A logical conclusion of sorts....

Distrust Review: A Tense Thriller

Colton Butler
Isometric survival titles are no strangers to the world of video games. While not merely a case of “survive until you die,” Distrust certainly has hints of Don’t Starve and How to Survive, to name a few, while also maintaining its own unique style and atmosphere. Among a crowded genre, it is a standout. You......
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