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‘Founders Fortune’ is a Game Worth a Fortune

Ethan Ruppersburg
Founders Fortune is a colony survival game with a mix of sims. This is because they act like real people. They have emotions, skills and thoughts. Every choice you make could break your colony or make it. Don't let lives be lost and friendships destroyed. Be the leader your people...
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PC Building Simulator Review: Welcome to the Geek Squad

Colton Butler
Countless simulator-type games exist today, with their areas of simulation ranging from goats to truck driving across Europe. As last week taught us, even parking cops now have their own simulator. However, a new challenger has approached from the realm of PC repairs. PC Building Simulator never strays too far......
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Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You Review: A True 1984 Experience

Travis LeFevre
Osmotic Studios, the developers behind Orwell, took the concept of  “less is more” and rolled with it. It’s a bold strategy, but it paid off. Orwell put’s the player in the shoes of the Investigator. The role of the Investigator is to protect the citizens of The Nation by invading the privacy......