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Super Turbo Demon Busters! Review: Right Click to Bust Demons

From the developer Herocraft, Super Turbo Demon Busters is a fast-paced 2D action game that reignites the retro feel. Released on Steam in 2017, Super Turbo Demon Busters offers a refreshing view to the revival of retro games. The game not only resembles a retro title but also feels as if it was made in the seventies based on the music. The gameplay is quick-paced, which is allows any gamer to pick up this title. Super Turbo Demon Busters focuses on the action and fast gameplay rather than a story but earns points with the characters’ banter between each level.
The grand appeal of the gameplay is in the fact that players can jump right in and play for any length of time. The game is level based and each level is procedurally generated. The random level generation plays a part in the overall appeal of this title as it pushes the drive to keep going. The procedural generation adds an element of surprise to the fast-paced action.
The strategy challenge comes from the mix of random level generation and the multiple characters that can be unlocked. Each character has a weapon specialty, ranging from plasma gun to chainsaw. This is where strategy becomes difficult to construct as levels will regenerate whether the player completes or fails to complete the mission. Game difficulty isn’t an option at any point in the game. The difficulty is dependent on how the player chooses to upgrade the characters and what “path” would be most suitable.

The soundtrack mixes rock chords with a retro, space vibe that adds to the theme and the adventure of blasting large groups of zombie creatures away. From the strong rock track that introduces the title to the eerie-tech track playing for every level, the soundtrack matches the overall appeal and aesthetic of Super Turbo Demon Busters nicely.
The artwork and character design are the main aspects of making the title feel like a retro game. There are several enemies, each with their specific appearance and even corresponding abilities. The characters have more detail in their appearance, as the player only sees the character in the selection menu and the dialogue cutscenes. The characters’ designs also correspond with their weapon specialty. While the story and concept of the game are serious, the artwork ranges in color during each level. The overall design of the game is enjoyable and differs between the intro, cutscenes, and actual gameplay.
The various attributes the enemies have is part of the challenge in Super Turbo Demon Busters, making the game fun to play for long or short sessions. However, while the character choice has quite a few options, some characters don’t make the cut while playing, no matter how often the level is regenerated.
Super Turbo Demon Busters makes a surprising impression in the indie community by being a fun, fast-paced shooter. The overall appeal of this game ranks high in that anyone can pick it up and start playing, which is perfect for those who want to start gaming. Super Turbo Demon Busters is excellent for those who play for the grind and casual gamers alike with the mild challenge that the title provides.

DISCLAIMER: Indie Ranger received a free copy of Super Turbo Demon Busters for review purposes. This does not affect the outcome or final score of the review.
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