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Play as an Exorcist in Hardcore Action Game, Infernal Radiation

Asmodev’s Infernal Radiation will release on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year. It is described as a “hardcore action game” by the developer.

“In Infernal Radiation, the player will step into the shoes of an exorcist who finds himself on Halloween Island after the explosion of a power plant that produced energy from hellfire,” Asmodev said in a press release. “As a result of this unfortunate incident, infernal radiation has contaminated many people and led to numerous possessions around the island.”

One of the creators of the game has also elaborated on the actual mechanics involved.

“The key feature are the battles against demonic bosses, which are divided into phases and very dynamic. Infernal Radiation employs the easy to play, hard to master formula. The gameplay rules are not much more complicated than those known from classic arcade games, but we strived to turn them into the most epic experience.”

The creator added that this project has been influenced by Deep Dungeons of Doom as well as rhythm games and that there is an RPG element seen through a ‘character development system’. There will also be a local co-operation mode. The Steam page for Infernal Radiation (where you can also get a free demo) is available right here.

The game will release first on the PC during the second quarter of 2020 and then later on the Nintendo Switch.

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