One Step From Eden, Action Roguelike Meets Megaman Battle Network

One Step From Eden by Philadelphia based developer Thomas Moon Kang, just released to PC and Nintendo Switch, on March 26, 2020. It is the latest in deck building Roguelike gaming, being an action filled splice into the old school Megaman Battle Network style and the newer Slay the Spire with relentless real time deck based grid combat. 

Published by Humble Bundle and Maple Whispering Limited (on Steam), One Step From Eden has been on a golden ride of a development cycle since 2017 with awards and recognition from PAX East 2019, GDC 2019, Tokyo Game Show SOWN 2019, and DREAMHACK 2018

A Fast-paced, action-packed, challenge filled, deck building RogueLike adventure where players fight their way to Eden. Will you push the limits, and how far and what would you do to make it to Eden? 

In One Step From Eden, YOU as the player takes control as one of many characters trying to make their way to Eden. Throughout the journey, You will encounter hundreds of enemies, numerous challenges, and unique evolving boss fights that are the center piece of One Step from Eden. 

Will you make your way to Eden with compassion and mercy or will you destroy all those who get in your way? 

You decide what happens to every boss you face

In One Step From Eden You as the player can choose what bosses live and die after you defeat them. Will you build lasting friendships with your one time enemies and try to better understand the world around you or will you destroy your enemies for immediate bonuses?  

There’s more than one way to Eden, and every path offers unique challenges, experiences, and characters to meet. You can master 9 different characters each with unique play styles and skills. And with over 250 unique spells to unlock and over 150 artifacts to find, One Step From Eden stays true to classic RogueLike’s making every playthrough unique. 

The many characters to choose to make it to Eden

One Step From Eden also comes with both local Co-op and PvP modes and full Steam Workshop support to mod the game to suit any playstyle. 

Developer Thomas Moon Kang recently teamed up with developer Radical Fish Games, who developed the awesomely successful CrossCode, to make Lea from CrossCode a playable skin for the character Saffron in One Step From Eden. 

Lea Skin for Saffron 

One Step From Eden is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Humble Store

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