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IndieCade Announces E3 2019 Showcase Lineup

IndieCade, “The Sundance of the video game industry” has announced their full lineup for E3 2019. Their lineup will include games from counties such as Australia, Brazil, El Salvador, Japan and more. In addition to their country of origin, a diverse assortment of formats will also be showcased. Tabletop games, digital games, multiplayer games and more will be available for E3 attendees to experience. This will be the 14th annual IndieCade showcase at E3. Titles include:


  • ARBox, by Sean Bloom, Martzi Campos, and Jesse Vigil
  • Boyfriend Dungeon, by Kitfox Games
  • Dialect: A Game About Language and How it Dies, by Thorny Games
  • Dicey Dungeons, by Team Dicey Dungeons
  • EarthNight, by Cleaversoft
  • Hot Swap: All Hands on Deck, by Peter Gyory & Clement Zheng
  • Infinite Children, by Peter Brinson
  • Keen, by Cat Nigiri
  • Killer Queen Black, by Liquid Bit, LLC & Bumblebear Games
  • Killsquad, by Novaroma
  • Knife Sisters, by Transcenders Media
  • Lemnis Gate, by Ratloop Games Canada
  • Manifold Garden, by William Chyr Studio
  • Mortals for Blinks, by Move38
  • NeoCab, by Fellow Traveller
  • PiXXL Maze, by Pirategames
  • Polymega, by Playmaji, Inc.
  • Project Witchstone, by Spearhead Games
  • RepliCade Mini Arcade Machines, by New Wave Toys
  • Save the Date!, by Tough Cookie Games
  • Sloppy Forgeries, by Jonah Warren
  • Speaking Simulator, by Affable Games
  • The Last Friend, by The Stonebot Studio, presented by Proesa El Salvador
  • Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, by AREA 35, Inc.
  • Too Many Cooks, by FINIFUGU && friends
  • UndAR the Sea, by Hello Team Solar
  • Wave Break, by Funktronic Labs
  • Wrong Box, by Molly Soda & Aquma


IndieCade’s annual festival will be hosted October 10-12 in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit the IndieCade website.

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