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Have Some Tiny Timeless Fun with Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Developer Adventure Islands announced that Tiny Dangerous Dungeons will be releasing on Steam on March 1. It holds classic Metroidvania elements in an old Game Boy aesthetic that holds a stylish monochrome art style where players will fight there way through the dungeon and solve puzzles along the way to advance onwards. As described by the developer below:

“Hop into a classic Game Boy inspired Metroidvania adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Explore a huge and open dungeon, collect hidden power-ups and gain new skills to aid you on your quest! Can you survive the Tiny Dangerous Dungeons and find the presumably huge treasure? Based on the hit browser game, this extended edition contains adjustments and new content not seen in the original game, like a wider resolution, Time Trial mode, controller support, more hidden upgrades to find, and [a] completely new area to explore!”

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