Category: Nintendo Switch


Semblance Review: Solid Gameplay In A Squishy World

author image by Andrew McAtominey | Nintendo Switch PC Reviews | 0 Comments | 18 Aug 2018

Semblance is an indie puzzle-platformer with an adorable squishy character, a uniquely squishy world and creatively squishy puzzles. Dropped in without much preamble, you’ll find the game has a rather simple structure. There are three worlds: Cuddly, Swamp and Snowy,…

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Garage: Bad Trip Review: A Visceral VHS Nightmare

author image by Colton Butler | Nintendo Switch PC Reviews | 0 Comments | 01 Aug 2018

Garage: Bad Trip, the debut effort from developer Zombie Dynamics, is a unique look at a tried and true genre. Inspired by the 80s, Hotline Miami, and schlocky horror films, it takes all of its influences and manages to stand…

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