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Action RPG Sparklite Coming Fall 2019

Announced October 1, Sparklite is an upcoming action RPG from Red Blue Games. Sparklite is a roguelike action RPG similar to the older Legend of Zelda titles. The game has a top-down view where players control Ada, a genius inventor in combat. Players will explore the world of Sparklite, fight enemies and solve puzzles.



In the world of Sparklite, sparklite represents the lifeforce of the planet. The inventor Ada is tasked with saving the world from invaders eager to siphon the sparklite for their own ends. But in addition to Ada’s efforts, the world itself fights back. A sparklite core within the planet will disrupt the game-world to thwart the efforts of those who would exploit it. But the mysterious Baron desires to possess the core itself and reshape the world in his own image. It’s up to Ada to stop him.

Sparklite is slated for release in Fall 2019 on Steam.

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