Tangledeep Review: Fighting Your Way To The Top, Literally

Upon spawning into Riverstone Camp for the first time, I had very little idea as to what I was getting into. When I took my first step into Tangledeep, I started to learn.

In essence, Tangledeep feels like a “learn as you play” game. You are offered tips and tidbits, but you have the freedom to turn those off entirely and just go with the flow. Which is what I did, and it worked for the most part.

The whole point of Tangledeep is that you, the hero of the game, travel through the titular Tangledeep, a constantly changing labyrinth in a journey to find a way to the top.

The main crux of the game is executed rather well. The procedurally generated maps never feel the same — and just like every other dungeon crawler — you’re always on the hunt for new loot.

There is also an extremely fluid job system. You can change jobs at any time while retaining the skills you learned from your previous jobs. It’s a feature that makes the game extremely customizable. If you started as a paladin, you can keep the abilities you learned if you later decide to be an archer. It opens the door to an unlimited number of gameplay possibilities.

For being an early access title, there is already has a lot to offer. You can easily find yourself spending hours going through this game, collecting loot, dying and then doing it all again. 

However, the gameplay tends to get stale after a while. There’s always more to discover, but it gets hard to do once the “fun factor” of it wears off. I found myself at a point where I was just bored with Tangledeep.

Part of this boredom can be attributed to how hard this game can get. I’m all up for for a challenge, but when that challenge turns your game from a dungeon crawler into a “run and pray” simulator, maybe it’s time to consider some buff/debuffs. Permadeath becomes a lot less fun when you know your demise is basically inevitable.

Just keep running.

Keeping in mind that this is an early access game, I’m willing to let that slide.

Tangledeep boasts beautiful 16-bit pixel art. They were aiming for the nostalgia of old games and they hit the nail on the head. The catchy soundtrack helps amplify the nostalgia factor. The music is still stuck in my head as I write this review.

Premiering for the first time in our reviews are two new categories: Bang for Your Buck and Developer’s Dedication. So let’s jump right into it.

Seeing how this game is still in early access, it has a lot of content available for their asking price. As I mentioned previously, Tangledeep can keep you on a hook for hours on end with all the content available.

The developers at Impact Studios have been working extremely hard to polish and improve on this title, and it shows. in the first couple weeks of Tangledeep’s early access release, they have released countless patches and are continuing to fix and debug this game, which can be viewed here. They take players feedback and apply it to their patches. They are dedicated to their craft.

After playing Tangledeep for a bit, I must admit that, sadly, this is not my kind of game. I found myself not having much fun overall and got bored rather quickly. However, that is just my take. I try to make these reviews as objective as possible, providing my observations instead of just injecting my personal opinion into it. That being said, this right here is my opinion.

However, while this may not be my type of game, I can absolutely see where Tangledeep can be appealing. Give it a try! The developers are constantly working to improve this game and their hard work shows.

Tangledeep is available on Steam for $14.99.

The product, Tangledeep, was given to us by developer Impact Gameworks. This does not affect the outcome or final score of the review.
The game featured in this review is an Early Access title. This review is based on the content available at the time it was written and we reserve the right to update this review and its score as this title makes its way to a full release.


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