I won’t say that I speak for all fans of “Rick and Morty,” however, Pocket Mortys was a huge letdown for me. Granted, you can only do so much on a mobile app.

While Pocket Mortys was intended to knock off Pokémon, it simply was not executed properly. The humor and in-jokes from the show were there, but the art style and gameplay didn’t cut it for me.

The gameplay style and combat didn’t feel right as I played it and I got sick of it pretty quickly. All that it managed to do was make me crave a couple of matches on Pokémon Showdown and essentially boiled down to “Why play a Pokémon clone with three types when I have the original material right next to me?”

With a simple change in gameplay and moving to the big leagues (aka as PC and console systems,) “Rick and Morty” the potential to become a hit in the video game market.

“Rick and Morty” is a fantastic show. I originally went into it thinking it would be another dumb comedy. As right as I was, it managed to clamp to my heart and I’ve been hooked ever since. If Rick and Morty were to receive a similar treatment to that of South Park: The Stick of Truth, it could be the next big title.

Imagine a “Rick and Morty” video game with gameplay and turn-based combat inspired by The Stick of Truth. The game would be able to stay true to the art style and animation of the show while keeping the same voice actors. This would give the potential to have a game that feels like you’re controlling an episode of “Rick and Morty.”

The plot could center around many different topics. One of the many possibilities could be taken straight from Season 2, Episode 4, Total Rickall. You would be put into control as Rick with Morty as your companion to hunt down the parasites as they take over Earth and beyond.

In my second plotline, Jerry becomes obsessed with the Meseeks Box and uses it to conquer the city. Rick and Morty, along with allies like BirdPerson and Mr. Poopybutthole as supporting characters, help take down Jerry and his army of Meseeks.

The story could also be identical to Pocket Mortys itself, battling other Ricks and collecting Mortys, they just need more to it than the app provides. Also, just taking back their original dimension from the Cronenbergs that took over in Rick Potion No. 9. That works as a plot too. There’s an infinite amount of plots that could be taken for a video game adaptation.

Utilizing the proper gameplay is key and the story can be as ridiculous as the show. “Rick and Morty” is one of those shows where, if there were a game adaptation, it would have to be done just right. Pocket Mortys is not one of those games but there is still hope.

Just image a “Rick and Morty” video game, mimicking the gameplay of South Park: The Stick of Truth, where the plot and gameplay revolve around fighting a parasite infection or a Meseeks takeover. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s not as awesome as McDonald’s Mulan Szechwan Dipping Sauce, but it’d still be pretty awesome.

[Photo Source: Graham van der Wielen, Property of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon]

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