Militia Review: Soothing Strategy After a Long Day

After a long day at work, I came home and hopped on Steam. As I scrolled through my countless shooters and hack and slash titles, I came across Militia.

I had yet to play it, so I figured I should give it a try.

I’m not the biggest strategy buff. I enjoy them occasionally and the only strategy game that I’ve truly gotten into is Civilization V. That is until I played Militia.

What I didn’t expect from Militia was how engaging it would be, while simultaneously making me feel calm and relaxed.

Militia takes inspiration from tabletop games, the most noticeable of them being chess. Each piece has its own movement patterns and attacks. Militia uses a level system to determine the difficulty of each new game. As you win, the game gets increasingly harder.

With the difficulty increasing as you win, it’s important to know where your enemies are and what they are capable of, as one little misstep can lead to catastrophic failure. 

The Light World

Once you have had enough of the Light World, you can test yourself in the Dark World, featuring new allies and enemies. The Dark World feels like a new game separate from the Light World. 

Militia shines in its ability to keep you actively engaged, even after a devastating loss. Each defeat serves as a push for you to try harder and be more methodical.

Where the game lacks in its graphics. Overall, there is a graphical appeal. However, it is extremely simple and essentially amounts to moving a PNG image from one tile to another. It should be made clear that this doesn’t damage the games overall performance. Everything appears to work like it should with slick movement. It probably wouldn’t have hurt to add a bit more detail to the pieces or the playing field altogether.

I prefer to play with keyboard and mouse. However, if gamepads are your thing, Militia supports them, and the controls work exactly as they are expected to.

The Dark World

Militia is a surprisingly intense game, taking you out of your average binge, and putting you into a new gaming experience.

You can play in the Light World or the Dark World. Both World’s include level progression and an “endless mode,” letting you conquer waves of enemies for as long as you can.

The simple gameplay combined with the soundtrack can make for a truly tranquil experience. No matter if you’re stressed from work or school, Militia is the stress reliever that I didn’t know I needed. With the way it’s set up, you can keep coming back to Militia time and time again without it ever getting old.

The product, Militia, was given to us by developer BrainGoodGames. This does not affect the outcome or final score of the review.