Red Dead Redemption 2: Please Don’t Mess This Up

If you were anything like me, your initial reaction to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Reveal Trailer was something along the lines of a spastic episode oozing with nerddom.

It’s been some time since we got a first look at the next installment of a universally beloved series. I’ve taken that time to calm my nerves, disembark the hype train and think about the games potential while remaining rooted in reality. I’ve kept in mind the last couple of times I’ve wrongly boarded the hype train (I’m looking at you, No Man’s Sky) and have used that rationale to sculpt my expectations for this upcoming game.

One of my first negative thoughts about this game is that it could possibly be overhyped and end up being a reskinned Grand Theft Auto V. This is probably the worst case scenario, but given that it’s been nearly seven years since Red Dead Redemption hit the shelves and the fact that GTA V still has no single player downloadable content, I find this outcome to be extremely unlikely.

More realistically, one of my biggest concerns is that, just like GTA V, Rockstar will focus so much on the multiplayer aspect that the single player mode will be essentially forgotten. Like I said before, Grand Theft Auto V has gone a solid four years and counting with no additional story based content, excluded the vehicles that get added with DLC updates. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto Online has become so inflated with content that earning one million in-game dollars is still living below the virtual poverty line.


As for what the plot of the game may be, I’ve become inclined to believe that will be a prequel. Unless they brushed up Jack Marston’s character to actually make him likable, I could see a potentially strong vengeance story with Jack seeking revenge on the Bureau of Investigation agents who betrayed his father and sent him to his grave.

However, a much stronger story could come from a prequel where you are a member of Dutch’s Gang and work alongside the likes of Bill Williamson, eventually leading up to Marston’s decision to abandon the gang.

Whatever may come of Red Dead Redemption 2, all I ask is that Rockstar doesn’t mess this up and makes it as much of a treasure as its predecessor.

Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games
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