RPG ‘Rainbow Skies’ hits PS Store on June 26th

Independent developer SideQuest Studios and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited announced that Rainbow Skies, a fantasy tactical role-playing game will be hitting the PlayStation Store later this month.
Rainbow Skies will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on June 26 in North America and June 27 in Europe and Asia. The game will be available on three-way cross-buy with cross-save support.
“After five years in development, we are pleased to announce that Rainbow Skies, the successor to Rainbow Moon, will launch on the PlayStation Store this June,” said CEO of SideQuest Studios, Marcus Pukropski. “Featuring a humorous new story with interwoven narratives, monster taming, a revamped battle system allowing greater tactical depth, treasure hunts, new mini-games and an improved sidequest system, Rainbow Skies offers even the most seasoned of RPG players countless hours of fun.”
Features of the game include; visuals optimized to run at 60fps, upgradable characters, weapons, battle skills and equipment, side quests, optional content and mini-games and more.
The storyline of Rainbow Skies is set to begin the morning of Damion’s final monster tamer examination. Monster taming is an important profession in his town since it is constantly threatened by monster attacks. However, after a hangover, Damion fails his test and managed to destroy the entire monster compound. When trying to cover his mistake up with his examiner, Layne, things only get worse, causing them to be left between two rival superpowers.
Rainbow Skies launches for $29.99 for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Physical editions are available exclusively through retail partner and will begin shipping on June 26. More information can be found on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.
Check out the Rainbow Skies trailer here:

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