Opinion: New Vegas 2 Isn’t Happening. Ain’t that a Kick in the Head?

As much as we’d love to journey back into the Mojave Wasteland, that reality seems to be nothing but a farce.

The rumor, originally reported by FragHero, seemed to be on some sort of high horse when they reported this rumor due to the fact that they were originally correct (barely) about their Red Dead Redemption 2 rumor. They claimed to have received this rumor from the anonymous source that gave them information on RDR2. Their source claimed that Obsidian is working on a sequel to the popular franchise with a return to New Vegas.

There’s only one problem with this, however. According to Kotaku, they were contacted by Obsidian’s Public Relations manager who claimed they weren’t working on the game at all.

As Obsidian PR manager Mikey Dowling told me in an e-mail this morning: “We’ve said plenty of times that we’d love to work on a Fallout again if Bethesda wanted us to, we just aren’t at this time. Right now we’re very focused on the Fig campaign to make our first ever sequel in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Whenever a new Fallout comes around though, whoever is doing it, we all look forward to playing it!”

FragHero has a tendency to provide misleading information and, while they were correct about Red Dead Redemption 2, they got a lot of information about it’s release incorrect. They claimed that RDR2 would be released at E3, it wasn’t. It wasn’t subtitled “Legends of the West” as they claimed and a multiplayer aspect hasn’t been confirmed yet. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Now that we know FragHero is probably dead wrong, let’s pretend that this rumor is real for a moment. What would it take to make a Fallout: New Vegas 2? Which direction could Obsidian go to make a sequel to the Courier who rose from the grave with a vengeance? Well, it’d take a lot.

First, they’d have to remake the entirety of the Mojave Wasteland, from Nellis Air Force Base to the Mojave Outpost, not to mention an entire revamp of the New Vegas Strip. Also, with the original game having four possible endifallout-nv-2ngs, Obsidian would either have to make four different story arcs, or only one ending to serve as the official canon, which would could cause some conflicting ideas among fans whose favorite ending wasn’t picked.

One of the biggest issues I could see from this is what happens next. By the end of the game the Mojave and New Vegas are under the influence of one of four possible powers: The democratically led New California Republic, the fierce and unforgiving Caesar’s Legion, Mr. House and his robot army, or the Courier themself. With that dominant power established throughout the Mojave, the only major conflict to be had would be a rebellion-esque story arc, fighting against the Legion or Mr. House.

Obsidian could do all of this and pull it off spectacularly, but if they are working on a Fallout title at all, I would think that they’d want to start fresh with a new world to play with. Maybe the New Orleans rumors are true or maybe the game will be set somewhere no one had expected. All I know is, whatever it may be, I want it.