Die in a Blaze of Glory or Survive for Just “One More Night”

The product, One More Night, was given to us for free by Developer Big Red Planet, LLC. It is important for us to make it known that this does not impact our opinion of the game as a whole.

Upon first booting up One More Night, you might think to yourself,  “This looks like every other zombie shooter out there.”

You’d be right.

It looks and feels like your average wave-based zombie shooter, right down to the German-accented announcer. However, One More Night takes the opportunity to mess around with the genre by adding a personal touch. While you pick up power-ups and weapons, you also are given the ability to hunker down and fortify your position. This top-down shooter has generic aspects but has enough courage to test the waters and try new things.

It should be noted that this game is in early access and the developers are working constantly to fix bugs and other issues. This review is based solely on my experience so far. At the rate the developers are working at, this review will probably be outdated in a few days time.


One More Night gives you three characters to choose from to offer a mild variety in terms of cosmetics and stats. Once your character is chosen and your lobby is ready, you are dropped into the game, forced to survive.

It starts off simple enough, you can run in circles for the first bit, get a train of undead going, then mow them down. You are given gold for kills and for surviving each night. There is a solid variety of options when it comes to spending money. You can save up to buy a weapon, fortifications, turrets and even additional upgrades that can potentially stack on top of the ones you can obtain via skill points.

For the size of the game, One More Night has a good variety of items to choose from. There are seven guns and a decent chunk of skills to upgrade. Their shortcomings appear to be in their selection for the defense items and turrets which are referred to as “towers.”

At this time, there are two options under the “defense” category and only one of which is an actual barricade. There are four towers to choose from to defend you fortification, which feels like just enough. The developers have mentioned that they will be adding more options in a future update.

Cooperative play is heavily encouraged by the developers and it’s easy to see why. Playing in single player mode can be fun, but building a base with friends provides advantages otherwise unavailable in single player. Teammates can upgrade each other’s turrets and barricades and help to unlock certain areas of the map. If you’re alone in this endeavor,  upgrading and maintaining your base is a much larger challenge.


The graphics for One More Night aren’t bad. The only time you ever look a character straight in the eye is during character selection, and from then on you’re just staring from a distance. That being said, it was a good choice by the developer to make this a top-down game.

The color choice, at least during the gameplay, is rather bland. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting a zombie game to pop with color. The colors that make up One More Night don’t provide much to behold, especially since most of the game is played in the dark. Almost nothing about the colors pop or intrigue my interest. The only exception to that would have to be the generator in the northeastern area of the map. I will say, though, the flashlight beam looks pretty damn good.

Level Design

At the moment there is only one map available to play on. It’s a graveyard. I haven’t heard of any future plans to add more maps but they may very well add a new one soon. For the time being, however, there is only one.

The graveyard is large and offers a variety of locations to build up your fortifications. The best place to do this is in corners, and there’s a generous amount of them on this map. The graveyard is large enough to where it is split into eight sections, with each having to be purchased like rooms in Call of Duty Zombies. 

Buying a section will unlock a specific category of items which are needed to survive. For example, to gain access to the weapons cache, you need to first gain access to the Eastern section of the map. This feature creates strategic value and slows the pace enough add urgency to future decisions. Do you unlock this section to get unlock towers? Or this section so I can finally use my skill points. These are the decisions you’ll be forced to make as you progress.

It would be nice, at some point in the future, to see a new map to roam. After playing around in the graveyard for a few games you start to get a grip on it and it gets rather bland. Throw us into an overrun city or an airport. Even something outlandish like outer space would be cool. Say, a big red planet, perhaps? Anything that will add a variety to the option of levels would be a welcome addition to me.

Replay Value and Final Thoughts

This is a fun game to play, but unfortunately, the replay value isn’t high. This game got old for me rather quickly and it’s not something that I’m itching to get back into anytime soon. Once in a while, One More Night is fun to play. However, I’m not jumping online to play this game with friends on a nightly basis.

While the development team is hard at work tackling glitches and bugs, many still remain. Gold will turn invisible without despawning and enemies will randomly die. Those are the two biggest glitches that I’ve found and the developers have been made aware of them. Hopefully, they’ll be fixed soon.

As I’ve mentioned before, One More Night is still in beta and the developers have stated that there will be a large update next month. This review is based on the current state of this game, and I am more than willing to revisit this review if the next update provides significant, opinion changing updates.

As a whole, One More Night is a fun game to play. It’s a good way to spend a game night and even a Let’s Play.

You can pick up a copy of One More Night on the Steam Marketplace and Humble Bundle.

One More Night

Developed by
Big Red Planet
Published by
Big Red Planet
Action, Shooter
Windows, Mac
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One More Night is a fun zombie survival if you're looking to kill time. The development team is extremely dedicated to this game, constantly fixing bugs and adding new features.

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