Mobile Game Monday: “Booger Boing” Review

Booger Boing, a mobile game by Chechesoft, lets you live out your fantasy of flinging your boogers while remaining socially accepted. That is everyone’s fantasy, right?

It’s a rather simple game that you would play while waiting at the doctor’s or in a restaurant while trying to avoid conversation with your awkward Tinder date. The premise is simple: You must navigate your booger to the end of each level while avoiding enemies and other threats. You’re scored based on the number of shots taken, whether or not you saved a lil’ snot and if you collected 100% of the gems.

Taking obvious inspiration from games like Angry Birds, this is a good way to waste some time. You can find this mobile game on both the App Store and Google Play for free.

What’s good about it?

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If you’ve ever played Angry Birds, then the catapulting-style gameplay should come naturally. No two levels feel the same and most of them have more than one way to get through to the end. You’re given a number of environmental tools to utilize on your journey through the nose. Sticky surfaces, bubble lifts and springy surfaces provide multiple ways around each level.

There’s also two optional objectives littered throughout each level. You can save a helpless baby snot and collect 100% of the gems to earn extra stars.

As a whole, the gameplay is smooth. There aren’t any hiccups or framerate issues and the game moves at a steady pace.

While it looks kinda gross, the visuals are oddly appealing. The graphics look great with a smart use of bright colors to make it look lively. The fun looking characters and the colorful environment help to keep you engaged for quite some time, even when infuriation sets in.

Where could it improve?

Booger Boing can be fun but it absolutely has its setbacks. For one thing, the aim assist only goes in one straight direction. There is no indication as to when your shot will angle or curve. This leaves many shots you take to be a mere guessing game.

The shots also seem to be extremely sensitive. If you die and respawn at your last location, Chechesoft gives you a handy little feature that highlights the last shot you took before your untimely demise. This, however, coupled with the flawed aim assist means that just a tiny modification can send you to your doom again and again.

Booger Boing does a good job at keeping you engaged for some time. Although this eventually wears off and you just want to finish the level without caring about the stars or other objectives.

There is also a feature that if you die three times you must start the level over from the beginning. This can be circumvented, for a price. If you don’t have the in-game money, you can buy some more with real money. Since this is entirely optional and not game breaking, I can let this one slide.

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I understand that this is a free game and we all have bills to pay, but the ads are everywhere. I want to play Booger Boing without getting bombarded by Mobile Strike or invaded by Game of War.

Booger Boing

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All things considered, Booger Boing is fun. If you need to kill a little bit of time, this is a good game to have in your lineup.

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