Relive Skyrim With The “Artistic Skyrim Overhaul” Mod

Skyrim is a game that has yet to get old to many of its loyal fans. Thanks to the community members constantly producing mods, there is always a new adventure in the war torn province.

Currently, Skyrim comfortably holds the top spot on the Nexus website for the number of mods available while the Special Edition has the 6th place spot. With at least 54,000 files at your disposal, it would be an understatement to say that there is a lot to do.

Some players use mods for aesthetic appeal while others use it to fight a dragonized Macho Man Randy Savage. Some people even use it for the little details, like freckles? This mod showcase, however, is for the people who want a new look and style to their dragon slaying.

“Artistic Skyrim Overhaul,” a mod by guitardz, is designed to turn your experience into something out of a Pixar movie — that is if Pixar had an insatiable bloodlust for death and violence.

I was a bit skeptical of this mod at first based on the screenshots. After playing around with it, it turns out this mod is actually quite beautiful while remaining simplistic. Though it may be low resolution, it makes for some great photo opportunities.

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I’m normally one of those people that will just download a mod to mess around. Cursing mud crabs, Thomas The Tank Engine dragons are what I’m used to in my game. With that being said, I became accustomed to the vanilla graphics.

For me, it was surprising and refreshing to see this simple change come into play. The minimalistic quality fits Skyrim well. If this were the games art style straight out of the box, I probably would have been fine with it.

There are a couple of textures that seem a bit out of place, like the faces of characters, for example. But for the most part, everything looks consistent to the overarching theme and nothing really breaks you from that.

This mod also comes with a surprise bonus. Due to its minimalistic quality, this mod actually improves your games performance. I have a decently aged PC and I’ve been having trouble running Skyrim Special Edition on it. After installing the mod, I was able to keep a steady 50fps with only a couple of minor dips.

Overall, this is a mod I would absolutely recommend that you try out. It’s simple, fun and it really takes away from the serious vibes of the core game, something that is always welcome. Personally, I think this mod makes getting moon launched a much funnier experience, possibly because it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to happen in a cartoon.

The photos used for this showcase are from the Pixar setting of the “Artistic Skyrim Overhaul” mod. The mod also features two other graphics settings: oil and paint. According to the Nexus, both oil and paint are still in pre-release. However, if you’d like to see what this mod currently has to offer, there are currently versions available for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition on the Nexus Mods website.