“Kindergarten” is Where You Send Your Least Favorite Child

I remember my first time in Kindergarten. Meeting new people and making new friends was a staple to my year. I do not, however, remember getting impaled on a janitor’s mop before class even begins. The same can’t be said for the children that attend the school in Kindergarten.

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This adventure/puzzle game by Connor Boyle and Sean Young is a fun little quest to uncover the shadiness of your school while collecting the necessary gadgets along the way. The game features colorful pixel graphics and the decisions you make throughout each day determine the fate of you and your classmates. If you’re interested in this game, it is available for $5 on Steam.

What’s to like?

Kindergarten is interesting, to say the least. The good kind of interesting,  I should say. There’s always a bit surprised when a student gets beaten to death or gets shot in the head, even with seeing the trailer beforehand. When you play for the first time, you never really know what your actions will ultimately lead to. The mystery and the experimentation that this game provides make it unique and keeps you engaged. 

This game is also pretty hilarious. Most of the humor comes from the dialogue and how everyone is pretty nonchalant when it comes to the murderous tendencies of the faculty. It has a weird blend of dark situational humor that kind of just works. Without getting too much into detail, I would highly recommend playing with dialogue options if you want a good laugh. The music and sound, in general, add an innocent effect to an otherwise brutal game, making deaths even better behind a kiddish soundtrack.

Where could it improve?

While entertaining at first, Kindergarten loses its novelty pretty quickly. Repeating through each day tends to get tedious and there is very little replay value after it is completed. I eventually found myself clicking through screens at a rapid pace just to get the next part because I had seen the current events unfold numerous times before. This tediousness gets extremely irksome when you miss a task in the morning affect the outcome of the afternoon only to realize you have to start the entire day over again to get the outcome that you need. If you miss one crucial step early on in the day, it’s back to the start. I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve thought “Damnit, I forgot the voice recorder!” or “Wait, I had to get rid of Cindy earlier?” While this made it fun at first, it just got too repetitive. If you do get everything right on the first oe second try then this game can be relatively short. That’s not so much a con as it is just a general observation.

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Developed by
Connor Boyle
Sean Young
Published by
Windows, Mac
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Simply put, this is a one and done type of game. It's overall a fun playthrough even with its repetition, but I couldn't see myself returning to it anytime soon. 

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