Destiny 2: Fight for the Last City

Earlier today, Bungie released their reveal trailer for Destiny 2, and in doing so have officially put the hype train in full gear for Destiny fans everywhere. But, what has the trailer revealed? Here’s what caught my eye while watching the trailer.

Throughout my time playing Destiny, although it was never confirmed, I always saw the Traveler as a beacon of safe haven, with the Last City serving as an untouchable sanctuary for the last remnants of humanity to survive and even thrive. Apparently, I was wrong.

In the trailer, we see Commander Zavala and Cayde-6 with Ikora Rey, each at their own rallying speeches. Zavala goes the inspirational and morale boosting route, while Cayde-6 just seems to be a rambling awkward mess, and based on Rey’s facial expressions, Cayde-6 could use a “Boosting Morale 101” class from Zavala. Throughout their speeches, we watch cuts of the Last City and the Traveler burning, the Tower collapsing, and the enemy closing in, but it is never revealed who this enemy faction is. Based on their towering, built physique and the fact that they have shield wielding troops with Romanesque helmets, it is definitely the Cabal that has attacked the Last City.

The leader of this enemy faction, while I have no idea how to spell his name, is revealed to be Gol (Gary, Gill, Glen?) We never get a better glimpse of who Gol is besides what is assumed to be him in a seconds-long appearance. We know nothing about Gol, or his goals. Is he the emperor of the Cabal? Did he assimilate the Cabal into his own army? Does he have nothing to do with the Cabal?

Enemies that are featured also include these weird four-legged creatures that look like they have shark noses… or something. This could be a possible peek at what could be alien wildlife or just a new enemy creature that acts like a K-9 unit. Some of the Guardians armor color looks like faction armor, insinuating that factions will still be available.

There are still many questions that remained unanswered. Mainly, where will the Guardians go to call a temporary home? They could seek temporary refuge in The Reef or will there be more of a “safe house” style location within the Last City.

Based on what I’ve seen, I feel like it’s too early to tell what to expect from the game as a whole. The trailer provides the framework for the plot, as well as introduce the main enemy, but not much else is shown. I can make a good guess that portions of the gameplay will happen within the city, with players finally getting to see the inner workings and geography of the Last City.

Slated to release on September 8th, there are still many unknowns still lurking in the shadows, I will stay on top of updates and let you know when important information comes through. If you haven’t already, you can watch the trailer below: