Shiro Games Reveals ‘Darksburg’ New PvP Mode

By french studio, Shiro Games, the upcoming co-op survival action game, Darksburg, has announced it will be released with a PvP mode with humans versus zombies.

The game is a top-down co-op multiplayer for PC with an interesting twist of choice where players can choose to rid the town of the zombie plague or team up with them. The year is 1385 when a zombie horde strikes the medieval town of Darksburg.

Team up with other players to free the medieval town of Darksburg from the hordes of zombies that plague the city or make their lives a living hell as the undead Revenants and stop them from saving the day. No matter which side of the fight you’re on, teamwork, learning to master each character’s unique set of abilities, and quick reflexes will be the key to survival.

The new trailer shows how players can take on the role of powerful zombies, the Revenants, and how each class uses their unique abilities and powers to wreak havoc on the pesky humans trying to save the medieval town of Darksburg.

Also, make sure to check out the gameplay trailer:

Darksburg features a roster of colorful characters to choose from, each featuring a unique set of skills and backgrounds, from the compassionate (but not overly so) Sister Abigail and the escaped werewolf (and man’s best friend) Varag to the powerful zombie Revenants such as incendiary Witch or the hulking Brute. Teamwork and great reflexes will be the key to survival.

It will have a playable debut at Gamescom, August 21-24 in Cologne, Germany.

Follow the latest news about Darksburg and Northgard via Shiro Games’ Twitter

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