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Spiritfarer: An Upcoming Game About Death

Smangaliso Simelane
During today’s Wholesome Direct Indie Game Showcase, Thunder Lotus Games announced Spiritfarer, an indie game set to be released this year. Put simply, this is a game about death. As was explained during the Wholesome Direct stream, Spiritfarer has players taking control of a psychopomp named Stella who ferries the......
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Signs of the Sojourner Review: A Crash Course in Communication

Smangaliso Simelane
Communication is complex. All of us will have experienced instances of communication gone wrong and what disastrous effects it can have. By using a simple card game, Signs of the Sojourner depicts the highs and lows of communication and, in the process, offers a novel way for players to engage......
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Four Indie Games That Tackle Mental Illness

Smangaliso Simelane
Through the medium of video games, creators are able to communicate to the world their experiences with mental illness in a way that goes beyond mere documentation and instead allows players to immerse themselves in a world that is not theirs....