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Dan Popoloski

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10 Inspired Indies That Rival the Source Material

Dan Popoloski
For any number of reasons, big developers and publishers move on from franchises, even when fans aren’t satisfied, or a story isn’t finished. Even if a series is alive and well, sometimes gamers want a little bit more of that same experience to fill in the gap between releases. Luckily,......
Nintendo Switch Reviews

Sigi – A Fart for Melusina Review: A Short, But Sweet Experience

Dan Popoloski
For the inexperienced, skiing down a black diamond slope can look fun, but healthy fear can keep them away and push them towards the bunny hill. Something in a similar vein, just less risky. There’s a lot of things that you know could be a lot of fun, but you......
Nintendo Switch PC Reviews

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review: A Gem Not to Sleep On

Dan Popoloski
There are plenty of games that try to make their own spin on beloved classics. As developers who grew up playing NES and SNES games come of age and begin finishing their own projects, the numbers have only grown. Some succeed, and many others drop the ball. Blossom Tales from......