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‘Tidal Tribe,’ An Interview With The Developer

Coltan Piccione
'Tidal Tribe' is a new God simulation game from the one-man development team at PowPit. The game is putting a unique spin on the genre by having the player manipulate water in various ways to change the world and how the NPCs interact with it. Indie Ranger had the opportunity...
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ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Grove is a Chill Ride Through a Funky World

Coltan Piccione
ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove is another entry in a long line of sequels to the original 1991 rogue-like cult classic. Unlike the lackluster attempts of the previous sequels, this game manages to capitalize on the family-friendly and chill vibes of the original....
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Battle Princess Madelyn Review: A Conflicting Experience

Coltan Piccione
Battle Princess Madelyn is the new sidescroller action adventure game from Casual Bit Games. The heart of this game lies inside something unexpected, its conception. Battle Princess Madelyn's general idea, scenarios, and main characters were thought up by one of the head developers daughters', aptly named Madelyn. So when getting...
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Feudal Alloy Review: Aquatic Robotic Frustration

Coltan Piccione
Feudal Alloy takes a tried and true formula and puts its own creative stamp on these traditions. The creative liberties it takes regarding combat land perfectly and adds much-needed variation to the popular genre. However, the gameplay elements expected from a Metroidvania are not as stellar....
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IndieCade Awards Rain Praise on Innovative Developers

Coltan Piccione
The IndieCade festival in Santa Monica just wrapped up this past weekend. It was yet another spectacular event that put a spotlight on some of the most innovative games that went under the radar this year. Here is a list of all the big winners at this year’s festival. And......
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A First Look at Hyper Parasite: A Roguelike With An Infectious Twist

Coltan Piccione
The last few years have seen a resurgence in roguelike games as many store pages seem flooded with these challenging (one more run) type of games. Hyper Parasite appears to be capitalizing on this trend while also taking elements of other popular genres to create an addictive and satisfying gameplay......