Andrew McAtominey


The Epic Games Store: A New Challenger Approaches, and Steam Should Be Worried

Andrew McAtominey
On December 4, Epic Games announced the Epic Games store for PC and Mac. You might be forgiven for meeting your face with your palm at the news of yet another storefront and a client to download on your PC. Epic joins Ubisoft’s Uplay, EA’s Origin, Activision-Blizzard’s, Bethesda’s ‘’......
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Radiant One Review: A Story That Lacks A Shine

Andrew McAtominey
Tired of the mundane life in which he finds himself, Daniel dreams of a world of possibilities but risks losing what’s really important in this narrative-driven, point-and-click adventure. As a point-and-click experience, the gameplay of Radiant One is rather simple. Clicking on a position in the environment will maneuver the......
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Semblance Review: Solid Gameplay In A Squishy World

Andrew McAtominey
Semblance is an indie puzzle-platformer with an adorable squishy character, a uniquely squishy world and creatively squishy puzzles. Dropped in without much preamble, you’ll find the game has a rather simple structure. There are three worlds: Cuddly, Swamp and Snowy, and they each have several levels for you to play......

No Man’s Sky Underpins the Importance of Allowing a Game to Speak for Itself

Andrew McAtominey
When No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, it did so to little fanfare. Years of E3 demos, interviews, and even late-night talk show appearances had put gamers into a state of anticipation that matched the likes of Half-Life 3. Unfortunately, the game released in a poor state, lacking many of......