5 Video Game Bad Guys That You Can’t Help But Feel Bad For

In video games, the story is always focused on the main character and their arch-nemesis. We rarely ever think of the poor henchmen that are employed by the bad guys. They go through extreme hardships that the average NPC wouldn’t dare endure. Being put under orders to pace an empty hallway for days at a time, hearing horror stories about their friends perishing in the hands of an invincible man/women and worst of all, they probably don’t get any 401k or disability for their inevitable death. Sometimes they may not even be aware that what they’re doing is bad or wrong. These are just some of the bad guys/criminal organizations where you might just have some sympathy for. And, of course, a spoiler alert is in effect for some of these.

Spoiler Alert


“No one can piss on this day,” As You Piss on His Day (Hitman: Absolution)

One of the first time’s that I’ve truly ever felt sympathy for a baddy is my first time playing Hitman: Absolution. During the first mission, you shuffle around a mansion to get your target. While you’re moving along you overhear a phone conversation between a guard and his doctor. The guard happily exclaims his announcement that he doesn’t have cancer, then proceeds to stand right in front of the window that you have to climb through in order to proceed with your mission. This makes it impossible to move on unless you throw him out the window, making it painstakingly obvious that this guys death was pretty much set in stone, cancer or not. With a regretful sigh, you pull him out and down the cliff he falls.

Video from channieonline

The Covenant’s Cannon Fodder (Halo Series)

Throughout the Halo series, the Grunt has never played a significant role in the Covenant’s army. Most of the time they are just running around aimlessly while blind firing in your general direction. It’s for this reason that you 1706570753_5408469f24_zcan’t help but feel bad for the poor fellows. I mean sure, they’re trying to kill you, but not only are they brainwashed into following a religious space-cult, but the leaders of their organization almost always put them on the front lines with weak plasma pistols or order them to act as suicide bombers. I’m pretty surprised that their race hasn’t faced extinction yet due to how many I remember slaughtering in my days of Halo.

Photo by Justin Taylor



You Didn’t Even Get any Jack Links Jerky (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare)

Red Dead Redemption makes you do a lot of things. While hogtying an innocent woman and putting her on train tracks could make this list, it doesn’t compare to the fact that you run an entire species into extinction. While the mission you receive in the Undead Nightmare DLC may just seem like a simple hunt for the fabled sasquatch, by the end of the mission it is revealed that, not only are Sasquatch sentient beings, but you killed an entire family of them and the last one is so distraught this his family has been killed off that he just wants to die. Already reaching a point of no return, you are left to either kill the last of his kind or leave him alive. Either way, you’ll have to live with one of two realities. Either you extinct a species or you leave the last one to live the rest of his life and death in loneliness.

Video by Mark James

There’s Still Some Humanity in Them (Dying Light)

Video contains momentary strong language.

In Dying Light, there aren’t many people you should feel sympathy for. One of the main enemies in the game has managed to give my heart strings an unsettling tug. I’m referring to the Virals. Virals are a class of infected in Dying Light that has only turned into infected recently. As such, they retain a lot of the same traits as a healthy human. They can run, climb and… beg for their lives? When you’re in combat against one of these infected, there is a chance that, once you hit them, they will momentarily override the virus to beg for their lives, cowering with their hands covering their face. This makes you hesitate for a moment before the virus takes the host over once again and they continue their rampage to try and kill you. Like the person in the video below, it may catch you off guard the first time you experience it, having a moment of “Did he/she just beg?” This makes it a bit harder to decapitate them in the long run. Are they alive? Is there a chance to redeem them? But hey, at least they’re out of their misery now… right?

Video by Daniel Devine

You Don’t Know What You Did Until It’s Too Late (Shadow of the Colossus)

While you initially believe that you are the good guy by slaying the 16 Colossi to revive the beautiful Mono, it isn’t until the end that you realized you have made a huge mistake. The Colossi died needlessly in the sense that now that they’re dead, a formerly imprisoned Dormin has escaped with the goal of wrecking havoc.  In killing the Colossi, who in reality were just minding their business and living their lives, you have released a true being of evil into the world. How does that make you feel? They just wanted to live, and you had to kill them in hopes of getting the girl. You monster.

Photo by Charlie NZ
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    I always felt a bit bad for Blue, from Pokemon. Sure, “Blue”. More like “Assfart”, said millions of children for literally the past 20 years.